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After the floods, on Canada Day: Reflections by a humble Altadore real estate agent for his fellow Calgarians

Sun, 30 Jun by Bryon Howard

Altadore real estate,Altadore homes for sale,Altadore houses for saleIt’s Canada Day tomorrow, but there doesn’t seem much cause for celebration, as I sell Altadore real estate in Calgary that just got hit by the largest flood ever in Alberta’s history. Yet you know what? I’m gonna wave my country’s flag much higher than ever before, as I’m so darned proud I’m a Canadian and a Calgarian because I’ve seen how wonderful people here are and how we rise in the face of calamities!


Even before the water subsides in some areas, there’s bound to be another deluge—this time of debates on whether it was man or nature that caused this disaster. And I can’t even frown on those debates because we need answers or even just the best assumptions so that we’d know how best to act! But while we’re figuring out the answer, we’re seeing a lot of action already from people on the ground who are reaching out to those hardest hit. And that, I believe, is what relieves suffering most and also what should help rebuild communities.


For example, the Calgary police got some rave tweets when, in response to a tweet asking what people should “do about vagrants and questionable people roaming the streets in suburb communities because of the flood situation,” it tweeted back with this: “Suspicious people can be reported by calling 403-266-1234. Homeless people may appreciate a sandwich.”


Citizens were leaving plates of cookies and other food with “Thank you” notes on car hoods of policemen who were on their 79th hour of relief duty during the disaster.


Tweeters were also raving about the emergency response of other City of Calgary staff and by the decisive actions of our leaders.


Robert David Nelson reportedly got crushed under his ATV while he was driving to a neighbor’s home to check for flood damage.


A certain Joseph, who has been in Calgary for only two months, helped with the relief operations in Elbow Park for five hours.


Mothers are asking for donations of diapers and baby wipes for other mothers in need.


In Altadore, a mother and her daughter are opening their home to homeless pets in flood-stricken neighborhoods in Calgary and even offering to pick them up.


Groups are calling for volunteers for the post-disaster cleanup as well as for food and clothing donations, shelter for the displaced, and rebuilding of communities.


And random people are just sending their love and prayers to everyone in Calgary.


This Altadore real estate agent has always loved Calgary, but I love it so much more now, and I know that together, we will prevail and rebuild our communities until they are even better than before.


Author Bio

Bryon Howard is a top-producing real estate agent with Re-Max House of Real Estate in Calgary, Alberta. To learn more about Bryon, head on over to his website.

Heroic Efforts, Community Support & Real Estate Challenges – Our Calgary Flood

Thu, 27 Jun by Bryon Howard

The stories emerging of heroic efforts and community support in Calgary and southern Alberta are a reminder of how resilient we are. We will get through this. The Stampede must go on! My thoughts go out to all Albertans affected by the flood, in every community throughout the province.

This natural disaster will present unique challenges as it pertains to your, and your friends real estate needs. Those most affected by the flooding will truly be facing a unique situation and will require a level of compassion, creativity and professional expertise to assist in navigating their real estate situation.

This maybe the perfect time for you to move to your next dream home … and provide a home for a family in need. With the number of people that have had damage to their homes – there will be many people looking to buy in the next 6 months. (Also, I expect an influx of migration into Alberta as workers come to assist with the restoration process.) If you are thinking about moving, you can provide a home for people that need a new home.

I am pleased for the opportunity to assist where required – even if only a simple consult to direct folks to the right resources.

I can be most helpful in a few key areas:

1. Assisting in the assessment of housing requirements – near and mid term

2. Sourcing immediate term housing solutions – rentals or quick possession purchases

3. Evaluating real estate assets and how best to protect these investments

4. Searching for a longer term solution if required

I have recently done three separate searches which focus on quick possessions.  I am available for you and your friends, and am happy to provide a showing or activate a more detailed search should they wish.


Altadore real estate: Not quite 70 but now among the best in Calgary

Sun, 23 Jun by Bryon Howard


Altadore real estate,Altadore homes for sale,Altadore houses for sale

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I love selling Altadore real estate because they’re among the fastest-selling in Calgary. Consider this: this residential neighborhood in the inner-city area of southwest Calgary, between 14th Street and Crowchild Trail, was established only in 1945, which makes it not quite 70 years old yet, but it’s already been voted one of the best neighborhoods in Calgary for 3 straight years in reader surveys of Calgary’s top lifestyle mag, Avenue.


It seems no one knows for sure why the neighborhood was named Altadore. Some say the Alta comes from the old abbreviation of Alberta. The story I like, though, is that it was so named because it is alta or “high” (it’s on a hill) and because it is “d’or,” French for “of gold,” as it is golden or beautiful.


Indeed, Altadore is beautiful, if you ask people living there today. There’s so much green space at Sandy Beach, River Park and Glenmore Athletic Park, which are just a short walk away. In fact, Altadore was voted the fourth Best Neighborhood in Calgary in 2012 due to its parks and recreational areas. But what’s best is that it’s also delightfully just minutes from downtown and Marda Loop, Calgary’s shopping and culture hub, which combines picturesque views of Calgary and the mountains with great shops and a vibrant party and cultural scene highlighted by the Marda Loop Justice Film Festival in November and the Marda Gras Festival, a summer-themed street party that attracts 35,000 Calgarians each August. There’s even a Yoga & Meditation Community Center in the area! No wonder that in the last 10 years, Altadore has been attracting a lot of trendy young professionals and families, for whom many high-end semi-detached homes and condominiums are being built in the area.


Altadore’s future seems even brighter with the Calgary Municipal Plan that the residents themselves put together, which envisions complete communities that are well-connected with various transportation options that include walking, cycling, transit and automobiles.


I was just going to give you a quick look at the history of Altadore real estate, but as always, I can’t help but rave about this great neighborhood and how you’ll have a grand time living there.


Looking for homes for sale in Altadore? Here’s a link to all the current listings: And if you know people who are looking to buy, sell or invest in real estate within the next six months, would you email this blog to them and ask them to contact me at 403-589-0004? I’ll send them important information on Calgary and politely ask for their business. I greatly appreciate your referrals; it’s the only way I build my business. Free Market Report on the value of your home at


About the author:

Bryon Howard is a top-producing real estate agent with Re-Max House of Real Estate in Calgary, Alberta. He is in love with his high school sweetheart, an enthusiastic Dad and crazy about endurance sports. To learn more about Bryon and his real estate tips, head on over to his website.

Early Morning Bike Ride, Flood, June 21, 2013

Fri, 21 Jun by Bryon Howard

Went for a ride on my bike this morning … and found the city like I’ve never seen it.

Banff Bike Fest

Tue, 18 Jun by Bryon Howard

When I’m not selling Real Estate … you can often find me out on  my bike. This time of year I’m normally out the door by 5:15am and enjoying rides to Springbank … or on the weekend I go longer to Bragg Creek, or South towards Millarville.

This past weekend I took the weekend with my son and raced in the Banff Bike Fest. It consisted of 5 races in 4 days. It’s a pretty special event. On Friday the Lake Louise Road Race had to stop … as we seen three bears  and one elk on  the course!

There was lots of speed, some good results & spectacular Crit Crashes.

I was pretty well  trained – and had the goal of a podium finish in Category 4.

In the end, I finished 5th in the GC in Cat 4.  I’m a little banged up after being crashed out on the final turn, just prior to the sprint in the Crit. My son also had a crash  on the same corner! He is healing well … but his bike is destroyed.


The way to persist…

Tue, 18 Jun by Bryon Howard

Selling a high volume of Calgary Real Estate, I’ve learned the value of persistence. Recently I shared this with my team and wanted to pass it on…

The way to persist…

If you want your actions to have a powerful effect, repeat them. Breakthroughs come much more often from persistence than from brilliance.

The way to persist is to remind yourself of this. It’s not what has already happened that matters most, but rather what you do next.

The way to persist is to focus on your purpose, on what you have chosen to achieve, and on what you can do about it right now. Look not at the past disappointments, but at the current possibilities.

Persistence isn’t complicated, or even difficult for that matter. All you have to do to persist, is to keep making the effort, and that’s something you can do no matter what may have happened.

You owe it to yourself to look forward rather than backward. You owe it to yourself to get where you’ve chosen to go, so keep going.

There is something positive you can do at this time and in this situation. Get it done, and get the sure and steadfast power of persistence on your side.

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