Snow Kiting – Wilcox Bowl

Photo by Ian Graham

I’ve been interested in kite boarding for a few years. In September of 2015, I took a lesson in Malpeque Bay, Prince Edward Island … with a fierce determination that I would learn. That day I kited 50 km … and the passion began.

I have yet to water kite in Alberta. I never thought I would.  Kiting to me was just going to be something I do, while on vacation.  However, while my son Jacob was home from school in Victoria at Christmas,  we discovered snow kiting on Weed Lake, East of Calgary.

On Saturday, March 25/17 … Patrice, Ian, Michael and Ryan and I traveled to Wilcox Pass in the Columbia Icefields near Jasper.

After a 3.5 hour drive, we ski toured up about 50 minutes before reaching the less steep entrance to Wilcox Pass.   (Feeling we were quite ‘out there’ it was a bit of a surprise to discover two Adirondack Chairs placed and steering out into the Valley.) Jasper National Park Red Chair Program

As we were about to Launch our kites at about noon … the wind died.

It didn’t matter … it was amazing just to be in this location.

I struggled trying to launch my kite … then rested taking in the sites for an hour or more.

Finally, at about 3:30pm … the wind picked up and grew a bit more consistent.

We kited until 5:30, before packing up, and skiing down to the car … we were all in bliss.