Top 5 Tips for Nervous Sellers

You have made the big decision to sell your home and you are overflowing with excitement and anticipation – and maybe feeling just a little bit nervous too.  Whether it’s your first time letting go of a property or your tenth does not really matter.  It’s easy to doubt yourself and have second thoughts.  Here are my “Top 5 Tips” for apprehensive sellers.  Follow these guidelines to help your home sell quickly and for top dollar.

  1. Work with an Experienced Realtor

The easiest way to banish any possibility of seller’s remorse down the road is to work with an experienced professional who understands the local market.  Knowing that you are in good hands will calm your nerves and help you sleep at night.  You have made a serious decision to sell a very large asset.  Ensure a good outcome by working with an experienced professional.

  1. Price it Right

Homes that are overpriced end up languishing on the market and, in the end, often sell for less than they would have if they had been priced right in the beginning.  Timing is everything in real estate and an overpriced home can easily end up costing you time and money.  Work closely with your Realtor to set the correct price at the start.

  1. Understand the Market

The real estate market is a continuum in constant motion – sometimes leaning heavily toward a buyer’s or seller’s market and often times, balancing somewhere in the middle. Your Realtor can help you understand the realities (good and bad) of the market and micro market your property is in.  It is great to dream, but you also need your expectations to remain realistic on the road to realizing those dreams.

  1. Highlight Your Home’s Strengths

We know you love your home and will be leaving with some great memories.  The challenge in selling is to do everything possible to make sure buyers see what you see and fall in love with the property. You accomplish this by emphasizing your home’s best features – both in marketing and in presentation.  If the house has great crown molding, don’t obscure it with heavy drapery.  A beautiful façade should not be covered with overgrown foliage.  Do everything possible to make sure the home’s finest qualities shine through.

  1. Keep Your Eye on the Prize

When you decided to sell your property, you had at least one goal in mind.  Perhaps it was to free up money to invest in another property, or maybe you just wanted to rid yourself of mortgage debt.   Many sellers simply think it’s for a change in their living situation.  Whatever your motivation for selling, keep that in mind throughout the sometimes-frustrating process of selling a home.

Follow these simple tips to avoid needless anxiety, stress and aggravation after putting up a “For Sale” sign.



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