Five Reasons to Fall in Love with Calgary

The thing about Calgary is that once people come here for a short visit – they often end up extending their stay.  In fact, many never leave!  As a result, Calgary continues to have a growing and thriving population.  Spend some time here and you tend to get hooked.  There are a thousand good reasons to fall in love with Calgary.  Here are my “Top Five.”


  1. Calgary young. – According to Statistic Canada’s 2016 census figures, Calgary remains the most youthful metropolitan area in Canada. Young single professionals and young families continue to motor the city forward and the youthful energy is contagious – even if you are just young at heart.


  1. Jobs The oil and gas industries have endured a few rough years, but given the cyclical nature of these fields, the ongoing rebound in the unemployment rate is likely to continue for some time. More importantly, the energy industry is not the only sector of the economy offering employment opportunities in Calgary. The city hosts the home offices of leaders in manufacturing, health care, education and business services.


  1. Mountain Vistas with an Urban Vibe – When you put down roots in Calgary, there is no need to choose between love of nature and longing for an active urban lifestyle. In Calgary, we have it all. Towering ski slopes and some of the world’s most beautiful mountain lakes are only an hour away from world-class dining and international entertainment.  In the midst of an urban setting, we can boast of over 800 hectares of parks and nature preserves and the largest network of walking/biking trials in North America. In winter, many of the pathways are cleared within 24 hours of snowfall and the locals spend 12 months a year enjoying outdoor life.  Calgary offers residents and visitors the best of all worlds.


  1. Quality of Life – In 2017, the prestigious international magazine, The Economist, chose Calgary as the 5th “Most Livable” city in the world for the fifth year in a row. 140 major cities are graded on topics such as stability, culture, environment, health care, infrastructure and education and Calgary scored 96.6 our o a possible 100 points. The editors at The Economist are merely articulating what our city residents already know – Calgary is a great place to live, work, play, enjoy nature and raise a family.


  1. 5. The People – The people of Calgary are its greatest resource and the city has one of the most diverse populations in Canada. Friendly, generous, hard-working, energetic, creative and tenacious are just a few of the adjectives that come to mind in describing our people.  Calgarians love to have fun.  What starts with Stampede in July continues throughout the year.  There’s always a music or cultural festival, block party or get together to keep everyone entertained and support the strong sense of community that permeates our many neighbourhoods.


Wind me up and I could go on all day as to why I love Calgary.  When did you first fall in love with our city and what was it that pulled you in?


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