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Dated: May 20 2022

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Staging a home before selling it is one of the best investments you can make to ensure a quick sale and the highest possible price. According to research, a staged home sells three times faster than a non-staged home – and 70% of real estate agents said that home staging increased the offer value of a house by up to 10%.

(Home staging is not the same as decorating. Decorating is about personal style, while staging makes your home appealing to the largest pool of buyers.)


1.   Clean Your Home

A clean home shows potential buyers that you've taken good care of the property. Ideally, you should clean every part of the house, from the floors to the ceilings—and everything in between.



When it comes to home staging, the first thing you should do is declutter. Buyers are distracted by clutter; their attention will be drawn to your belongings rather than the rooms. If the rooms are cluttered, they will appear smaller and untidy.

Almost all of us have a lot of stuff that has accumulated over years, if not decades. Try to make as much surface space as possible available on shelves, coffee tables, and especially in the kitchen. Storage units and containers are other great options should you require more space.




Room layouts may need to be reworked when staging a home. This is especially important when staging a living room, especially if it is an open-plan space that also serves as a kitchen diner, in which case you may need to look into new living room layout ideas.



Comfort is important as people spend the major part of their life inside their homes. Buyers, I believe, prefer to see modern furnishings that aren't too cold. Everything was white for a while, but it also had to make people feel like their lifestyle could fit in with this on a daily basis, so it's important not to give any space an impersonal, hotel look. Even requests like a long section of couches to binge-watch with the entire family are becoming very common.


The decision-making process of a buyer does not begin once they enter the property; it begins 100m  before that. As a result, any remedial work or improvement to the property's entrance will pay dividends.

This can range from weeding the path leading to the front door to applying a fresh coat of paint to the door itself or investing in some beautiful front yard flower bed ideas. Try to clean any windows you can, especially the ones facing the street. As the summer progresses, new flowers or a hanging basket can make a good first impression, as can their aroma.


Staging an older home is the same as staging a modern one except that any home will look best if the interior complements the home's age, architecture, and style. Having a cohesive look that runs throughout an entire home can make it look bigger, too.


We also like to add an element of surprise to home staging by using colorful art. According to color psychology, the majority of people gravitate toward blue things. We will use a neutral palette with blacker in more modern homes than we would in a farmhouse style of architecture.

To add texture to the design, we may add a chunky throw and more organic materials. It is always best to incorporate some bright colors into our designs, especially in the summertime.



When buyers are scheduled to visit, I always advise homeowners to go out and let their realtor show them around.

This will make them feel more at ease, and they will be more likely to spend more time looking around, imagining themselves living there, and the house will feel less like yours and more like – potentially – theirs. De-personalization is also required for this reason. Family portraits should be stored for the time being, and those on the wall should be replaced with more neutral art.


 A fun Fact About Home Staging

staging a home may  attract more offers, sell faster, and and fetch a higher price. Kitchens the most important room.  Kitchens are the number one room that sells a house. Though all other rooms and the yard are important, the kitchen must be outstanding in the buyers eyes. Read our blog about the five most important tips to make your kitchen look fantastic!

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