Does Your Realtor Have What It Takes?

Does Your Realtor Have What It Takes

Successful Realtors are skilled at wearing multiple hats.  The “best of the best” are not only knowledgeable and experienced in the nuances of their market, but they also have good business sense, fine-tuned instincts and the ability to lead a team of professionals working on behalf of the buyer or seller.   They have the ability to utilize their knowledge and experience to solve problems.  When there is a hiccup in your pending transaction or a delay in financing, you need to know that the Realtor quarterbacking the deal will have the right set of skills and know-how to get everything back on track.

A good business person utilizes a proven system based on “best practices” and ensures that all professionals and staff under their wing do the same.  At the same time, they need to stay flexible and adapt to changes when needed. The real estate industry is always evolving, especially in a fast-paced market such as Calgary.  The digital age has revolutionized the way we do business. In order to best serve our clients, all Realtors need to stay on top of the latest tools and trends.

Successful business people invariably understand the value of teamwork and they surround themselves with talented, hard-working team players.    When choosing a Realtor to represent your interests, look for someone who can lead a team and is confident enough to surround themselves with proven winners.  Look for signs of a cooperative work environment where individual strengths and skills are nurtured and utilized – where everyone is working together toward a common goal.

Finally, in deciding if a Realtor has the leadership qualities and good business sense to get the job done, do not forget the importance of good instincts and the ability to read and handle all kinds of people.  No matter how many deals a Realtor has closed, there are always new twists, turns and unforeseen circumstances.  The ability to anticipate the unknown and adjust accordingly is another mark of a good leader.

When choosing a Realtor, look for the “best of the best” – proven winners with in-depth knowledge of the local market and digital marketing, as well as the ability to motivate people, lead a team of professionals and anticipate problems before they arise.

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