Why Experience Matters

Why Experience Matters

Do not make the mistake of placing your real estate affairs in the hands of an inexperienced agent. In red hot real estate markets, it seems that everyone wants to be a Realtor. After one rainy day of binge watching HGTV, people start to believe that anyone can flip a house and make a fortune. It all looks so easy on TV, but in reality, it is not. A successful career in real estate requires knowledge, hard work, formidable people skills and EXPERIENCE! Sure – we have all gone to school and earned our credentials, but the real training in this business comes on-the-job. It is the oldest way to learn and still the best.

As experienced Realtors and business people, we bring to the table everything we have learned through hundreds of unique transactions. Our clients today are the direct beneficiaries of our years developing a “feel” for real estate and fine-tuning our negotiating skills. We also bring along our network of proven professionals – appraisers, lending officers, contractors and home inspectors. We know who is good at their job and who is not, as well as who can be counted upon to move quickly when time is of the essence.

The HGTV fans can easily get the impression that real estate is just a fun exercise in matchmaking – nothing more than bringing buyers and sellers together and hoping for a match. In reality, there is so much more to a Realtor’s job. We know from experience how to make sure our sellers reap the highest and best price for their property – even when that involves looking them in the eye and advising that their property is not worth what they thought it was. We know from experience that we should introduce out buyers to a neighbourhood not on their wish list but worth investigating. And we know from experience how to whittle down a long list of home inspection deficiencies that leaves our client satisfied while getting the deal done.

Experienced Realtors tend to have more resources – including advertising funds, state-of-the art digital photography equipment and administrative support. Perhaps most importantly, experience breeds confidence – an essential tool of successful Realtors and all business professionals. If you do choose to work with an inexperienced agent, make sure he or she has the full backing of an experienced broker and team of professionals.

Experience is not the only factor when it comes to selecting a Realtor, but it certainly belongs at the top of the list. Many real estate transactions start out simple before taking some tricky turns. Make sure your Realtor has the experience needed to help keep your goals and dreams on track.


Are you looking to Sell or Buy a home in Calgary and need someone who won’t rest until you’ve found your dream home or until your home is sold? I’ll work hard to earn your trust and to deliver exactly what you need. Contact me at 403-589-0004 or at TheHowardTeam.net.

About Bryon Howard

Bryon Howard and his team of Calgary real estate professionals sell an average of two homes a week. He is a member of the MLS Million Point Club, which ranks him roughly in the top 1% of productive realtors in Calgary. His aim is not just to please clients but to help them buy/sell a home in Calgary at the best price, in the shortest time, and with the least hassle. He is a member of the RE/MAX House of Real Estate that leads in the Canadian market. Learn more about Bryon at TheHowardTeam.net.