3 Things I learned doing an Ironman Distance Challenge Triathlon over the May Long Weekend, all because of COVID-19

Dated: July 8 2021

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Last weekend, along with a few training friends from Critical Speed Racing in Calgary, I started and completed an Ironman Distance Triathlon Challenge. We set out to swim 3800 meters (or do 3800 swim band pulls); bike 180 km, and run 42.2 km over three or four days.

Many of my training buddies had been planning on doing an Ironman race this season, all of which have been canceled, as a result of our current pandemic, COVID-19.

Mission accomplished.

It was hard. It was fun. Three things I learned:

#1. Anticipation is Good.

Preparation. Prior to the upcoming long weekend, I thoroughly enjoyed thinking about how I would complete the challenge. I enjoyed thinking about gathering others to join me on various stages or legs of the event. I enjoyed thinking about new routes to explore as I biked, ran/walked, and swam. I enjoyed eating well, sleeping well, taking care of myself and my loved ones around me.

#2. It’s Harder than I thought. The mind is powerful.

An Ironman Distance Challenge over three or four days is hard! Since 2001, I have set a goal to do an Ironman every 5 years … and have completed 6.

In many ways, doing the same distance over 4 days was harder. It required being selfish over 4 days.

The body (and mind) accepts what we challenge it with. You get prepared to do a 20 km bike … the ride becomes challenging at 15km. As you prepare to do a 120Km ride, the ride becomes challenging at 105Km.

#3. Everybody wins a challenge. Just show up.

Winning is the anticipation, the preparation, the showing up, and the setting of a worthwhile goal.

In 2021, it will be 5 years since I did an Ironman Race. As I ‘age group up’ I have been anticipating and looking forward to my 7th Ironman. Likely, I will complete a sanctified Ironman Event … as it has been a long-time goal to do one every 5 years. However, after last weekends learning, I think I could just as easily turn it into an ‘annual challenge’.


This is part of a series of pieces, written in about twelve minutes, proofread once with tiny edits and then posted online.

Someday, probably not, I may publish a book entitled: Bryon Wrote This Book in 12 Minutes. 

You can learn more about me and my real estate business at www.TheHowardTeam.net.

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