Celebrating Calgary’s Diverse Population

Dated: August 27 2021

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As an increasingly influential centre in world social and economic markets, Calgary can boast of a strong and growing multicultural base.  Thousands of immigrants continue to relocate to Calgary each year and by 2020, the immigrant population is expected to exceed half a million people, or roughly 30% of the city’s population.

Calgary looks and sounds different than it did years ago.  In 1959, the ratio of Caucasians to visible minorities in the city was 350:1.  Today that ratio is 5:1.  Strolling through the city centre, you can hear conversations in English, Punjabi, Chinese and Spanish – just a few of the dozens of languages and hundreds of dialects found here.  According to census figures, a full 30% of the city’s residents report that English is not the primary language spoken in their homes.  The language, culture and rich ethnic foods that the immigrant population brings to Calgary all contribute to the city’s emergence as a vital and vibrant global city in every sense of the word.

While the oil and energy industries were booming in the early part of this century, highly-educated and highly-skilled young people poured into Calgary in search of economic opportunity.  They came, they worked hard and they stayed in a city that understands how to welcome immigrants and weave a multicultural thread through the city’s own unique fabric.

Life in a city as diverse and vibrant as Calgary infuses its resident with a sophisticated worldview, cultural appreciation and sense of tolerance that is second to none.   Calgary is a youthful city that embraces and celebrates its diversity.  In addition to the annual Stampede and arts & music festivals, anyone looking to sample a bit of ethnic food and culture on the weekend can do so at the city’s Serbian, Greek and Turkish Festivals, Fiestaval Latino, Carifest, Brazilfest, or any of the dozens of other events celebrating rich cultural heritages throughout the year.  For this and other reasons, many residents believe that Calgary is a perfect city for raising a family.

Canadians have a long history of appreciating multiculturalism and promoting inclusion – both in government policy and legislation and, in the legendary hospitality extended to newcomers in our day to day lives.  Appreciation for multiculturalism is just one of the many components that work together to make Calgary a great place to live and work.

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