Don’t Dream of Winning, Train for It!

Dated: July 6 2021

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Last night while running with my training group, Ryan asked, “Did you register”? Register for what? “Ironman Canada, general registration opened yesterday.” (As a result of this years race getting covid-19 cancelled, the 2021 race has already been full.). Oh, really … hun … I will register tonight, I said.

I did not get home immediately, but I did get home fast. A quick stop in the kitchen for a toasted bagel and some peanut butter and honey, and then to my computer and without consideration of the ‘ridiculous’ entry fee, I had secured my spot.

Nearly immediately, I felt good.  I even felt a little excited. This surprised me.

A few minutes later, a notification on my phone indicated I was tagged on an Instagram photo. I opened it … and there I was with my group running track an hour earlier. Coach Cal, wrote the simple line, “Don’t dream of winning, train for it.”

Hmmm. I was a little upset by this. Why? There I was running on the track with fast girls and my dog, Roo. Dogs are not allowed on the track. (You see, not everyone realizes he is the best doggie in Calgary. Most think he is just another dog. Not true.) Or was I upset by the simplicity of the message.

I began to think about Coach Cals message. You see Cal knows endurance sport and has many accolades including being a 9 time Xterra Off Road World Champion, and most recently, getting the FKT (fastest known time) up Mount Allan in Kananaskis. He is my age. When he got that FKT by more than 15 minutes within the past 14 days, I congratulated him on his ability to plan, execute and implement. (It is not by chance that he got that FKT. He spoke to me about going for it at least a couple of months ago.)

Here I am in Calgary with an amazing athletic community and a world class coach. Why shouldn’t I train to win? (I have some history of ‘age group’ success in the sport.) Why not me? Why would I make excuses not to go for ‘the win’. Why don’t I approach each training session with just a little more focus, and give it my very best.

The last time I did IM Canada my goal was a sub 10 hour day and an age group podium finish. That was a long long time ago in 2008. I did it.

In the next 11 months, I will train for the win. I’m excited.

This is part of a series of pieces, written in about twelve minutes, proof read once with tiny edits and then posted online. Someday, probably not, I may publish a book entitled: Bryon Wrote This Book in 12 Minutes.

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