Friends, Family, Business Colleagues – Making a Real Estate Decision? Three Reasons Why You Should Call me, even though we don’t live in the same city

Dated: July 8 2021

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In the past 30 days, in separate provinces and states than where I live, my sister bought a house, my brother sold a house, my cousin sold a house, and my niece had a question regarding her investment property and the best ways not to renew a lease for tenants. In the end, they all did very well with their decisions, however, they all had some frustrations and unanswered questions that I was able to assist with. I was very happy to help.

Real Estate decisions are some of the largest financial decisions a person will make in life. Stats show that most people choose the first realtor they come across, often selected from a Bus Bench or Internet Search. Even more than most industries, the difference between a professional and an amateur is huge. Selecting the right realtor and plan to sell or buy your home, could save you tens of thousands of dollars, possibly hundreds of thousands. In the very least, buying or selling a home can be a very positive experience, or a negative. Don’t you deserve a positive experience?

During my entire career, I have networked with North America’s Top Producers. Quite possibly I know a very good realtor in your market, or at least know how to find and vet a good fit for you.

Here are three reasons you should ask for my help:

1. The cost and ‘pain’ of becoming a realtor are relatively low. There are more inexperienced and unprofessional industry members in the real estate business than most businesses. You may as well have the best. Let me vet your real estate professional.

2. In North America, the typical agent sells 4 homes per year, and only ‘lasts’ in the industry for 3 years. I’ve been selling real estate since 2002, and since that time have averaged selling a house a week! You want a professional who does the job everyday, over and over again. You want someone who has experience working in boom and bust markets, and has seen the myriad of issues we see in the home selling and buying process. Allow me to ensure the realtor you end up with, has the experience in the kind of market you are living in.

3. I would really appreciate your help in growing my business. You are my friend, my relative, my business associate. We have similar interests and values.  Allowing me to help you with this important real estate decision keeps me connected to other professional industry members over the world.

Icing On The Cake: Did you know it is common practice in the real estate industry to provide a 25% referral fee? Did you know that country-wide, the average commission on the purchase or sale of a home is approximately $10,000? If I provide you a Realtor referral for your real estate purchase or sale, I could potentially earn $2,500.

It is worth ‘my effort’ to ensure you have a positive experience with your home selling or buying. While we do not live in the same place, the next time you are making a real estate decision, find me with a quick search on the internet – I will ensure the chance of you having a positive experience is much greater than otherwise!


This is part of a series of pieces, written in about twelve minutes, proofread once with tiny edits and then posted online.

Someday, probably not, I may publish a book entitled: Bryon Wrote This Book in 12 Minutes. 

You can learn more about me and my real estate business at

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