Pete Estabrooks -The Fitness Guy – was a recent guest on m podcast, Calgary Living Real Estate & Lifestyle

Dated: July 29 2021

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I recently had Peter Estabrooks on my podcast – Calgary Living: Real Estate and Lifestyle. I, like many, got to know Pete from the covers & pages of Impact Magazine. Pete has been leading the way in fitness, fun and lightness for many years. Here was this ‘ripped smaller guy’ with long curly blond hair … in cool photo shoots. Many years ago Pete walked into my open house. We’ve been having fun infrequent meetings since.

One of Pete’s random recent tweets or insta … say it all about him.

… It’s a jungle out there. Take one day, one workout, one run, one good deed at a time. Don’t judge yourself, blame others or waste time regretting what you didn’t do. 2020 is a big clean slate do your best, be your best and let the light, live and laughter that surrounds you carry you onward and upward. Happy New Years ??? #themoreyoudothemoreyoucando

For the full show and to learn more about this top performer/trainer/runner/human …click the link above.

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