Join me in Bordeaux … for not one Marathon – but two! (Yes 42km’s of running, than a marathon of wine tasting and eating!)

Marathon in Bordeaux, Sept 2017 All in the support of The Vintage Fund 2016 (Mental Health is This Years Charity), we are auctioning off a Marathon week in Bordeaux. On Saturday, Nov 5, 2016 at Willow Park Wines & Spirits 23rd annual Wine Charity, James Sichel (Chateau Angludet), Peggy Perry (Willow Park Wines & Spirits) […]

Life’s Inspiration (Calgary International Children’s Festival)

My family is one of the things in my life that inspires me to work hard, take care of myself and do my best in everything that  I set out to do.  Even though our kids are getting older, my wife and I like to spend time with them whenever their busy scheduels and our […]