Enjoy a Winter Blast in Calgary

Winter is a wonderful time to plan a visit to Calgary.  The locals here do not hide from Mother Nature’s fierce chill.  They embrace it and extract every bit of snow and ice related fun imaginable.  If snow and ice are not your thing, that’s OK too.  In Calgary, frigid temperatures are never an excuse […]

Tips for Kickstarting your Christmas Spirit

With so much conflict and uncertainty in the world this year, it is not hard to understand how some people may be having trouble summoning the Christmas spirit.  If you find yourself cringing instead of smiling as the holidays draw near, here are a few tips for getting in the Christmas groove – Calgary style. […]

Discover Victoria By Bicycle

Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia, is famous for its thriving real estate market, magnificent scenery and stately Victoria architecture. The city and the surrounding landscapes present a feast for the eyes and memorable vistas that are best enjoyed on a bicycle. Blessed with mild winters and humidity-free summers, the biking trails in and […]

Celebrating Calgary’s Diverse Population

As an increasingly influential centre in world social and economic markets, Calgary can boast of a strong and growing multicultural base.  Thousands of immigrants continue to relocate to Calgary each year and by 2020, the immigrant population is expected to exceed half a million people, or roughly 30% of the city’s population. Calgary looks and […]

Bike – Being Stoic – some ‘how to’s’ on packing and traveling with a bike

Since Tim Ferriss came out with his book, The 4-hour Work Week, I’ve been following him. He’s a fan on Seneca and Stoicism. I like to bike. I don’t think I love to bike … but I love what biking brings me. I suppose my favourite thing about cycling is experiencing the weather. I love it […]

Bike – Is Road Cycling in the Dominican Republic Safe?

I have a sister who spends 6 months of the year in Dominican Republic and 6 months of the year in Prince Edward Island. In the DR, she helps run a La Hacienda Hostel in Las Galeras, and in PEI she does much volunteer work with the PEI Food Exchange.  She’s a bit of a […]

Things to Do this Valentine’s and Family Day Weekend

This year Valentine’s Day falls on the first long weekend of the year, Family Day! So why not combine a bit of romance with some family fun time? Here are just a few of the amazing events happening in Calgary that can satisfy the need for romance and good old family fun! Take the Family […]