Secondary Suites and the Modern Family

Over the past few years, Calgary has witnessed an ongoing, and sometimes fierce, public debate on the topic of secondary suites in single-family homes.  The debate is fueled by a number of factors, including economic and lifestyle trends that are driving the increased demand for legal secondary suites in existing housing stock and new construction. […]

RMS reset?

So, how are you getting along with RECA’s Residential Measurement Standards (RMS)? It’s been nearly a year since RECA launched the new standards, so the ins and outs of applying it must be routine? You may not agree with every aspect of the RMS, but by now you should be able to present your listings […]

Why Location Matters

Too many novice homebuyers and investors still make the rookie mistake of buying the right house in the wrong neighbourhood.  While most people are familiar with the real estate mantra – LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION – some buyers fall in love with the look, feel and features of a particular home and, as we all know, […]

Buying the Home You Want

The home buying process can be very exciting…choosing the neighbourhood you want to live in, scouring through listings and checking out weekend open houses to find the home of your dreams. I enjoy helping my clients through this process – it’s one of the many reasons I became a Realtor. My job is to give […]

Replacement Windows – One Home Improvement that Always Pays

As a Realtor, my clients are always asking me which home improvements tend to attract buyers and bring the best return on investment when it comes time to sell. In Calgary, homeowners cannot go wrong in replacing dated, worn-out windows with attractive, energy-efficient replacement windows. The return on investment will be realized immediately in the […]

Calgary Market Update – Consumer Confidence Remains High

Despite the undeniable impact of energy industry woes on Canada’s real estate market, overall property values in Calgary have not suffered any significant impact.  Even more importantly, consumer confidence remains high. In the Calgary Real Estate Board’s (CREB) August 4, 2015 report entitled Calgary Regional Housing Market Statistics, Chief Economist Ann-Marie Lurie reports, “Despite weaker […]

Creating the Right Strategy for a Quick Sale

What do buyers really want? Achieving a quick and stress-free sale requires a unique strategy for each home. The Calgary real estate market is in a much different place than it was last spring, but that doesn’t mean you should put your real estate goals on hold. These four smart tips will help your property […]

Tips For Buying Altadore Real Estate Infills

    If you are a buyer in the Altadore real estate market, you have probably considered purchasing what we call an infill home. Traditionally, homes in Calgary were built on 50′ lots. As the demand for downtown living has increased in the past 10 years , many of these original bungalows have been torn […]

The Craftsman Bungalow

Recently, I had a number of clients who were looking for a Craftsman bungalow in Altadore. It’s a pretty interesting architectural style, so I figured I’d dig up some info on it and share it with you. Who knows, it might catch your fancy too. Historical treasures The Altadore area of Calgary was established in […]

New Homes In Alberta Soon To Come With Mandatory Protection

  The new year brings good tidings for Albertans, like projections of sustained economic and housing market growth. But for those who are building a new home in this booming city, there’s more great news. In case you didn’t know it yet, hopefully by next month, home builders will already be mandated by law (specifically […]