Secondary Suites and the Modern Family

Over the past few years, Calgary has witnessed an ongoing, and sometimes fierce, public debate on the topic of secondary suites in single-family homes.  The debate is fueled by a number of factors, including economic and lifestyle trends that are driving the increased demand for legal secondary suites in existing housing stock and new construction. […]

Why Victoria is a Great Place to Live

Natural beauty, good weather and a highly-coveted lifestyle are just a few of the reasons Victoria is a great place to live. The city manages to combine old world charm and ambience with ultra-modern amenities in a seductive island setting. A 2016 Conde Nest Traveler reader’s poll chose Vancouver Island, where Victoria is situated, as […]

Tips for Building Equity

Real estate investors and homeowners share a common goal when it comes to the value of their home or portfolio. Everyone is looking to build equity. In real estate jargon, equity refers to the current market value of a property minus the balance of any mortgage loan owed to a lender. Equity is one of […]

Calgary’s Perfect Storm for Real Estate Investing

The stars are aligning in Calgary in a historic manner to create near perfect conditions for certain sectors of the real estate investment market.  Anyone still hesitant about owning investment property should realize that conditions may never again be as favorable as they are right now. A number of economic and social trends are combining […]

Creating the Right Strategy for a Quick Sale

What do buyers really want? Achieving a quick and stress-free sale requires a unique strategy for each home. The Calgary real estate market is in a much different place than it was last spring, but that doesn’t mean you should put your real estate goals on hold. These four smart tips will help your property […]

How do banks and lenders approve mortgages and loans?

    Are you wondering how banks and lenders approve mortgages and loans? It’s not as complicated as you might think! You will need to be prepared to answer the banks questions, provide documentation, and finally prove out the math that indicates you are ready to be approved. These three simple steps can bring you […]

How creative do I need to be when talking with a bank or lender?

    This video explains that you shouldn’t need to be creative when talking with a bank or lender. It is important to layout what it is you are looking for and ensure your math works to better your chances of receiving financing.

What is mortgage insurance?

    This video explains what mortgage insurance is and how it protects the lender. It explains that based on the amount of your down payment customers may need to purchase mortgage insurance. How this cost is determined is then further explained to give individuals a full understanding of how mortgage insurance works.

1.99% Mortgages

  This video addresses lenders who are offering low interest rate mortgages. It explains that customers should be aware of other terms and conditions when agreeing to such mortgages to ensure they are receiving the same value. Examples of banks and lenders who have offered such deals are further investigated.

What is a payout penalty?

This video defines what a payout penalty is and the benefit it has for banks and lenders. The different types of payout penalties are covered and explained to ensure someone seeking a to pay off their mortgage early is aware of potential penalties and how much those will cost them.