Enjoy a Winter Blast in Calgary

Winter is a wonderful time to plan a visit to Calgary.  The locals here do not hide from Mother Nature’s fierce chill.  They embrace it and extract every bit of snow and ice related fun imaginable.  If snow and ice are not your thing, that’s OK too.  In Calgary, frigid temperatures are never an excuse […]

Race Thoughts – ITU Long Course Triathlon World Championships, Penticton, BC, Aug 27, 2017

What happened with me?  Age is just a number – but be careful. 20 years ago in 1997 I was playing squash at the Charlottetown YMCA. In the change room, three friends arrived in their run gear – laughing, having fun and were now going for a swim. I asked why. This was the day […]

A Foodie’s Guide to Victoria

Victoria’s restaurant scene is an intoxicating mix of urban charm and rural sensibility. The city is home to a growing number of farm-to-table restaurants specializing in their own brand of “West Coast Cuisine.” Some have compared the city’s food obsession to the ultimate foodie city – San Francisco, but the Victoria restaurant world is uniquely […]

Discover Victoria By Bicycle

Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia, is famous for its thriving real estate market, magnificent scenery and stately Victoria architecture. The city and the surrounding landscapes present a feast for the eyes and memorable vistas that are best enjoyed on a bicycle. Blessed with mild winters and humidity-free summers, the biking trails in and […]

Snow Kiting – Wilcox Bowl

I’ve been interested in kite boarding for a few years. In September of 2015, I took a lesson in Malpeque Bay, Prince Edward Island … with a fierce determination that I would learn. That day I kited 50 km … and the passion began. I have yet to water kite in Alberta. I never thought […]

Celebrating Calgary’s Diverse Population

As an increasingly influential centre in world social and economic markets, Calgary can boast of a strong and growing multicultural base.  Thousands of immigrants continue to relocate to Calgary each year and by 2020, the immigrant population is expected to exceed half a million people, or roughly 30% of the city’s population. Calgary looks and […]

Experience the Magic of a Calgary Christmas

Spend some time in Calgary this holiday season and you may find yourself wishing you lived here year-round.  Christmas time in Calgary is an experience to cherish – a magical feast to delight the senses.  When it comes to holiday decorating and Christmas light extravaganzas, Calgary knows how to put on a show. Here is […]

Ironman Arizona, November 20, 2016 (When CDN Pro Lionel Sanders won and broke the Ironman Speed Record in a time of 7 hours  44 minutes and 29 seconds!)  

I’ve been active all my life.  As a kid my brother and I built go-karts, and used them to salvage junk lumber to build our next tree house.  Those were my earliest memories of ‘sufferfests’ pulling loads of lumber through the neighbourhood to build the ‘best tree house’. Then there was our interval sessions … […]

I Won! – a Race Report – Calgary Iron Man 70.3

It’s Tuesday – but I’m still hoping the weekend won’t end. A few weeks ago – somehow through facebook, I learned that the organizers of Calgary 70.3 were looking for host homes for the professional athletes. I immediately said “Yes” … and asked for two. Talented Mom & current record holder on Brazil Ironman Course Liz […]

Calgary Police Half Marathon – a race report … in preparation for Ironman

  A few years ago, along with friend Greg K, we decided we would do an Ironman distance triathlon every 5 years. I think we both think of it as a bit of a health check up. 2011 was our last Ironman … so this is Ironman Year – the goal race being Ironman Arizona […]