Race Thoughts – ITU Long Course Triathlon World Championships, Penticton, BC, Aug 27, 2017

What happened with me?  Age is just a number – but be careful. 20 years ago in 1997 I was playing squash at the Charlottetown YMCA. In the change room, three friends arrived in their run gear – laughing, having fun and were now going for a swim. I asked why. This was the day […]

Ironman Arizona, November 20, 2016 (When CDN Pro Lionel Sanders won and broke the Ironman Speed Record in a time of 7 hours  44 minutes and 29 seconds!)  

I’ve been active all my life.  As a kid my brother and I built go-karts, and used them to salvage junk lumber to build our next tree house.  Those were my earliest memories of ‘sufferfests’ pulling loads of lumber through the neighbourhood to build the ‘best tree house’. Then there was our interval sessions … […]