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eXp Realty agents and brokers are working together to build businesses, build and enhance brands, increase profitability, reduce overhead and risk, and achieve bold career and life goals, all while establishing a direct ownership interest in eXp Realty International Corporation as a shareholder and partner. // I did the unthinkable...   I've been interviewing other brokerages...   You're probably thinking to yourself either; "why would you do that?!" Or, you're thinking, "it's about time you left eXp Realty!"   Well, it's because for one, I'm an open-minded person, and, it's the new year, so it's never a bad idea to explore all of my options - besides I'm in business for myself and for my family - not the brokerage itself.   So, after speaking with other real estate brokerages I figured not only should they interview me, but I should also interview them - it's my business after all.   The brokers asked me, "what do you think would be a fair compensation plan for your split and cap."   I told them; "Well, for starters I want a high commission split with every deal that I sell, and to have a super low cap, and once I cap I want to then have 100% commission for the next anniversary year - and, even better if I could even earn OVER 100% commission at some point. Plus an option to earn my cap back in company stock if I do good enough, and to earn stock for EVERY transaction that I do at a 10% discount."   After a long pause, they said, "well, we can see what we can do to make that happen, but, unfortunately, we don't have company stock available..."   Then, they asked me, okay, and what kind of environment and community are you looking for?   That's a great question I said - I'm looking for; A brokerage that will put their AGENTS first, and put together and organize events for everyone around the world, and ones that my family can go to as well, I would also love a lot of praise, recognition when I'm doing a good job.   After a small pause, I said, "I would also love a place where every other Realtor was like partners and family members to me where we all want to see each other win."   They said, "that's quite the experience you're looking for, but you are more than welcome to try and nurture that kind of community within our company, but not sure if it's possible.."   ...Okay, I replied, well, I have a lot of experience with that kind of culture, so I'm sure I can make it happen.   "Great!" they said. So, what kind of training and support are you expecting from us?   "Thanks so much for asking! I was just thinking about that," I said; I would love to have at least 80 hours a week of FREE training from all of the BEST Realtors across the world who have to be doing at least 30+ deals a year to teach a class in the past year, and I also want them to be all recorded and uploaded to a database like Netflix so I can watch them on my own time.   I would also like the BEST CRM and Website available to agents that can not only help me get more leads than ever, but also do all of the following-up for me, and will also send my clients listings they would love without me doing anything.   Also, I'd great if appreciate it if you could give me free marketing materials, and presentations, and templates as well that are always being updated.   And, I would like healthcare as well that is not only super affordable but accepted in EVERY network - our current healthcare though our brokerage saved us OVER $53,000 this year, so this is definitely a must for us.   "Well..," They said, "that definitely isn't cheap, and would probably cost us at least more than $10,000 upfront for us, and an additional $1,000+ every month for something like that.."   "We'll see what we can do, but no promises on that one," they said. After a pretty long pause, they asked me - "what kind of hours can you work because for everything you're asking for we would need you to work at least 20-40 hours a week, if not more, and attend certain meetings and floor time hours."   I told them, "I'm more than happy to work 10+ hour days, but it has to be on my own time and schedule, and if I want to take time off for myself and my family I want to do so whenever I feel like it for however long I'd like, or, if I want to do part-time ever I want that option as well.   With a crazy stare from them - they said, "well consider it, but again, that isn't a guarantee we can make at this office..." Okay, no worries, let's table that for now - I replied.   "Thanks for being so understanding," they said. Of course, we're all entrepreneurs here, now, I do have another question.   A quick, "sure," they replied. I asked, "so, what kind of advancements can you give me here? I'm currently in the top 1% at my brokerage and one of the top 300 Realtors after my first year as a brand new Realtor, and I would like the same opportunity here.   ," they said,"Congrats "But, it's a little different here. Most agents either start as a showing agent, then a buyers agent, and eventually a listing agent, and if work hard enough you could become a team lead, or even an office manager, and one day, you can even start opening up your own franchises which is around $10,000 to $50,000 upfront for the training and office build-out, and additional $150,000 to $350,000+ per office, and you will have to work around the clock, but on the bright side, you'll probably take home around $50,000 - $60,000 a year per office."   "Wow..," I said slowly..., "So, that is a little slow for me, and a big investment in time and money for not too big of a payoff, but while we're one this point, I have another request," I spitted out. I started saying, "For whenever I bring on any other Realtors from anywhere across the world to this company I want to earn a referral fee paid through an override from EVERY transaction that they do, and from everyone they bring on as well, up to 7 generations down from me, and I would the commission payout to be taken from the brokerage portion of the split and NEVER the agents themselves - they deserve their full commission."   "I would also like no cap on this kind of earning potential and want to be able to pass this on to my kids and their kids to help create generational wealth so they can earn the recurring monthly payouts FOREVER - I have mentors who are earning a MILLION dollars a month after just 6 years of doing this, so I want a similar opportunity as them."   With a CrAzY look   They asked with a laugh, "Don't tell us, next you'll ask to be part-owner of the company from day one, right?!"   "Thanks for reminding me, I most certainly want that as well, I AM helping you create your company after all, so it only seems right and fair, right?" I smiled saying.   "Now, here is the thing," I said in a whisper. I also want this same deal for all of my real estate friends and partners, and those already here, and if we can do that, you can sign me up right now"!   Now, this is where they really thought I was crazy and lost my mind!   "You must be out of MiNd, joking, or dreaming," said with a choking laugh and a puzzled and shocked look on their faces.   "You will NEVER find an opportunity like that ANYWHERE in the world"   "And if you do, come back and tell us, 'because I want to work there too."   So I said….. "I think you should look at eXp Realty then."   Now, it's safe to say after interviewing countless brokerages, I'm saying at eXp, but the new year starts soon, or have already started.   So, let me ask you, are you ready to explore other options as well and remain open-minded because if so, let's chat and make 2022 the best year yet for you and your real estate business.   I would love to answer any of your questions and help you make an informed and fiscally responsible decision regardless of if you switch or not.   You have EVERYTHING to gain and nothing to lose.   Don't wait - reach out now.  

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